Production Info

Directed by Gina Kaufmann

Music by Kurt Weill, Lyrics by Langston Hughes, & Book by Elmer Rice


In a working class Manhattan neighborhood in 1929, tensions build as the people in this multi-ethnic neighborhood rub up against one another. The story centers primarily on an extramarital affair and a romance between a Jewish and a gentile teenager, but the rich undertones of longing and the layered relationships bring this entire complex little world to life. Weill called it “An American Opera”, interweaving jazz, musical theatre and classical opera esthetics with spoken word.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Audition Information

To audition, please bring a prepared vocal piece, the vocal excerpt from Street Scene, and the prepared scene from Street Scene. An accompanist will be provided for the vocal portion of the audition. The vocal excerpts and scenes can be found by scrolling down to the "Vocal Excerpts" and "Scenes" sections of this webpage. Please sign-up on either Saturday, April 6 or Sunday, April 7 using the hyperlink below. Audition times are set up by role so please select the correct time slot that corresponds to the specific role. Auditions will take place in Room 204 of the UMass Theater Department. Keep Monday, April 8 open for callbacks.

Character Descriptions:

Rose Maurrant (soprano): young romantic lead
Sam Kaplan (tenor): young romantic lead
Abraham Kaplan (baritone): Sam’s dad, a radical Marxist
Emma Jones (mezzo): a hypercritical neighbor
George Jones (baritone): her alcoholic husband
Greta Fiorentino (coloratura): a neighbor, eager to belong
Lippo Fiorentino (tenor): her joyful husband, in love with his wife
Olga Olsen (alto): a neighbor in the cellar apartment
Carl Olsen (bass): her husband; they have a new baby
Henry Davis (baritone): the building janitor, a blues singer
Harry Easter (baritone): rich, married and lusting for Rose
Willie Maurrant: child Rose’s brother, a nine-year-old rebel
Charlie Hildebrand: child age flexible, family about to be evicted
Mary Hildebrand: child age flexible, Charlie’s sister
Grace Davis: child age flexible, Henry’s daughter  

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