Production Info

Directed by Gina Kaufmann

Music by Kurt Weill, Lyrics by Langston Hughes, & Book by Elmer Rice


In a working class Manhattan neighborhood in 1929, tensions build as the people in this multi-ethnic neighborhood rub up against one another. The story centers primarily on an extramarital affair and a romance between a Jewish and a gentile teenager, but the rich undertones of longing and the layered relationships bring this entire complex little world to life. Weill called it “An American Opera”, interweaving jazz, musical theatre and classical opera esthetics with spoken word.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rehearsal Schedule February 3- February 9, 2014

Hi everyone, 

Please see below the schedule for the upcoming week. Please note that this schedule is a little different than normal due to a chamber choir we are accommodating. If there are questions, please e-mail me. Urgent matter or immediate scheduling changes, please text or call. 

Monday, February 3 (in The Curtain Theater)
6:30 Actors Called:
Liana Gineitis, Tiberius Cuipylo-Watkins
Rose and Easter – Scene and “Broadway”
7:00 Add:
Ben Finn, Dayna Fisk, Conor Dennin, Lily Filippatos, Rob Stahley, Hala Lord, Griffin Lyons, Mac Leslie
Dick & Mae – scene work and choreography into Sam & Rose scene + song staging
Dick, Mae, Vincent, Mrs. J, Sam, Rose, Buchanan
8:00 Add:
Peter Vaiknoras
. . . into Doctor,  final “Marble Star”
Buchanan, Sam, Rose, Dr. Wilson, Henry
8:30 Add:
Ashton, Lydia
“Lament” soloists
Ashton, Lydia, Conor, Tiberius
9:00 Add:
Christina Mailer
Scene pg. 210
Shirley, Rose, Sam, Vincent

Staging – “life is a Sky Tall Mountain” section
Rose, Sam
9:30 Add:
Daniel Kadish
9:30 or 9:45 Daniel works on Lippo with Mark

Tuesday, February 4 (in The Curtain Theater and Upper Rand)
6:30 Actors Called:

Milo and Sophia Lalli

Eddie, Daniel, Tori, Griffin, Hannah S., Aeri, Ashton, Lily, Gabe, Hala, Ben F., Kahlila, Tristan, Hannah D., Ruby Cain and MILO

In the Upper Rand:
Fight Rehearsal with Ruby, Tristan, Kahlila and Hannah D.  
Finish by 7:30

In the Curtain Theater:
Overture (add in Vincent) with Milo if possible
6:45 Add:
Dana S, Melissa, Jessica, Michael C, Ruby Cain, Frank A., Sylvia, Lydia, Peter, Sophia S.
“The Heat” – beginning of “Marble and a Star” (includes “Gimme a Dime” scene & first 2 “Come In Come In”s)
Mrs. M, Mrs. F, Mrs. J, Mrs. O, Mr. O, Willie, Abe, Salvation Girls, Lydia, Henry, Grace
7:15 Add:
Rob and Uriah
Scene pg. 36
Mrs. J, Mrs. M, Mrs. O, Mr. O, Mrs. F, Sam
7:30 Add:
John Cheek
Scene bottom of Pg. 43 into “Somehow I Never Could Believe”
Mrs. J, Mrs. M, Mr. M, Mrs. F, Mr. J, Mrs. O
7:45 Add:
Daniel and Christina
Scene pg. 91
Mrs. J, Mr. J, Lippo, Mrs. F, Mr. M, Mrs. M, Abe, Mr. O, Mrs. O, Shirley

Scene pg. 113 (from “Who’s that bird?”)
Mr. M, Mrs. M, Lippo, Mrs. F, Mr. J, Mrs. J, Mrs. O, Mr. O, Sam, Willie
8:45 add
Ryan, Eddie, Liana, Eliza, Dayna, Lily, Mac, Michael S., Ben F.
Scene pg. 249 through Finale
Eliza’s cross with Ryan following
Maurrant family trio

Wednesday, February 5
Rehearsal will be in the Curtain Theater
6:30pm- Children's Ensemble Called:
Esther Sokoloff-Rubin
Gabe Randall
Julia Edgerly
Sophia Schweik
Hannah D'Alessandro
Khalila Lord
Ruby Cain
Tristan Lewis-Shurter
6:30pm- "Catch Me If You Can" Fight Choreography with Glenn (and Miguel if available)

Thursday, February 6 (in The Rand Theater)
6:30pm- Spacing rehearsal on stage!
10:30pm-END OF NIGHT

Friday, February 7
(Mark available to work with understudies)

Saturday, February 8

Sunday, February 9
1:00 – 4:30
“Catch Me If You Can”, Spacing Rehearsal and TBA
4:30-6:00pm-MEAL BREAK
6:00 – 9:30
Design Run #2