Production Info

Directed by Gina Kaufmann

Music by Kurt Weill, Lyrics by Langston Hughes, & Book by Elmer Rice


In a working class Manhattan neighborhood in 1929, tensions build as the people in this multi-ethnic neighborhood rub up against one another. The story centers primarily on an extramarital affair and a romance between a Jewish and a gentile teenager, but the rich undertones of longing and the layered relationships bring this entire complex little world to life. Weill called it “An American Opera”, interweaving jazz, musical theatre and classical opera esthetics with spoken word.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rehearsal Schedule: January 2, 2014-January 5, 2014

Happy New Year! 

Below is rehearsal schedule for the upcoming week of rehearsals. Please remember that this schedule is guarunteed to change as we move through the rehearsal process, and updates will be posted here as well as e-mailed out nightly. 

We will meet in the Rand Theater, and the best way to enter is the lower pond entrance of the theater department or the Art Bridge door on the Haigis Mall side. If you have any difficulty getting into the building, please call my cellphone (which can be found below) and someone will meet you to let you in. 

Please bring your libretto/script and a pencil in order to take down blocking or notes. If you have a bound libretto please remember that these are to be written in with pencil only. 

If you are driving to rehearsal, parking is available at the Visitor Lot across from Haigis Mall. There is also parking in the Haigis Mall horseshoe. We ask that you arrive to rehearsal promptly, so please plan your commute accordingly. 

There is no food or drink allowed in the theater other than bottled water. You will have access to the Green Room to store your belongings, including any snacks you may have with you.
In past years during the January rehearsal session, the theater tends to be rather chilly, so we encourage you to wear layers just in case. 

If there are any questions please e-mail Arielle Herold (Stage Manager) at (Urgent matters please use cellphone: 781-413-7695)

Thursday, January 2:
2:00pm Rob Stahley, Liana Gineitis, Mac Leslie and Eliza Baxter Called
2:00pm- Section 10 (with “Lonely House”)
“What Good would the Moon Be” (Song only)
Section 14 (with “Remember that I Care”)
Section 18 (with “We’ll Go Away Together”)
3:00pm- Add Peter Vaiknoras
5:30-7:00pm- MEAL BREAK
7:00pm Frank Aronson, Melissa Ennulat, Jessica Campbell, Michael Carotenuto, Heather Lord
7:00pm Sections 1, 2, and 3 + “Ice Cream Sextet”
8:00pm- Add Peter Vaiknoras
9:00pm- Add Daniel Kadish and Uriah Rodriguez

Friday, January 3:
2:00pm Heather Lord, Melissa Ennulat, Dana Schnitzer, John Cheek, Uriah Rodriguez, Daniel Kadish, Michael Carotenuto, Peter Vaiknoras Called
2:00 – Section 5 (“with Somehow I Never Could Believe”
8 (with “Let Things Be Like They Always Was”)
4:00pm- Section 16 (with There’ll Be Trouble”)
4:00pm- Add Liana Gineitis and Eliza Baxter
5:30-7:00pm MEAL BREAK
7:00pm- Frank Aronson, Melissa Ennulat, Heather Lord, Jessica Campbell, Michael Carotenuto, Peter Vaiknoras, Dana Schnitzer, Gabe Randall, Sophia Schweik, Ruby Cain Called
7:00pm- Sections 1 – 3 and 5 – 8
8:00pm- Add Rob Stahley and Mac Leslie
8:30pm- Add John Cheek, Uriah Rodriguez, Daniel Kadish, and Zen (if available)

Saturday, January 4:
1:00pm Sophia Schweik, Ruby Cain, Khalila Lord, Hannah D’Alessandro, Tristan Lewis-Shurter, Julia Edgerly, Gabriel Randall, Esther Sokoloff-Rubin Called
1:00pm- Section 15 (with “Catch Me if You Can”)
Section 17 (with “A Boy Like You”)
3:00pm Add Rob Stahley, Liana Gineitis, Mac Leslie, Eliza Baxter, Dana Schnitzer, Heather Lord, Daniel Kadish, Melissa Ennulat
5:00-6:30pm MEAL BREAK
6:30pm Mac Leslie, Melissa Ennulat, Dana Schnitzer, Heather Lord
6:30pm- Section 4 (includes “When a Woman Has Baby”)

Sunday, January 5: